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1798423_10203586030903714_7211500899410290468_nI have been writing all my life (won’t go into detail about how long that is), even before I could actually print. My parents saw that I was creative and encouraged that side of me with gusto! Mom got a small notebook and transcribed my first story in it (how I wish I still had it). She played along with me when I would describe in detail the imaginary friends I had that lived in the walls of our house and as we rode to Massachusetts in the summer to visit my precious Nana, I would point out all the places that my “friends” were also staying. If my older siblings made fun of me, they would be scolded. At eight, a dear lady who attended my dad’s church (yes I’m a PK—preacher’s kid- for the uninformed) wrote poetry and I liked her, so I tried my hand at that. My first ever poem was about baking a cake (how I wish I still had that, too). She made over that as if I were the next Elizabeth Barrett Browning! And that was all I needed to be off and running into the world of poetry. I don’t write poems anymore, but I was so prolific at it there for awhile that I could (and have) rhymed in my sleep.


Why start a blog now? Because the itch to write never leaves me and it’s my God given talent. If God gives you a talent, you’re not supposed to bury it in the ground (Matthew 25:18), you’re supposed to use it in such a way that it multiplies (Matthew 25:20-22). So I’ll take this little talent that God gave me many years ago, that my parents watered and I watched grow and we’ll see where it goes next.


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