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Something to think about when you’re heart is broken

Been thinking a lot lately about how the Bible says that Jesus knows all about every trial that we go through—how He’s been, in all ways, tempted as we have.  I was thinking about how, usually when you’re in the teen years (although it can happen to us older folks too)—how you can think a lot about a person; care for them even and they don’t even know you’re there, pining away.  I have experienced that heartache, as I’m sure most other people have.  It’s no fun to long for and like someone who shares no such feelings for you. But it occurred to me recently—on how greater a scale Jesus understands that. How hard it is for us to be rejected by one person, but He’s been rejected by millions! He created every one of them; He knew all of them from the time of conception;  He loves them. How does rejection feel a million times over? If the one we care about never sees us the way we wish they would, the effects are not eternal;  God knows what will happen to those who reject Him, however, and the results are horrible. I don’t know much, but I know that whatever pain rejection causes me, is tiny in comparison to His.  (And yet He doesn’t scoff at my pain, but helps me in it, proving what a mighty and compassionate God He is).


So along those lines—when you are feeling rejected, unloved, unwanted—-know that God will never leave you, nor forsake you.  He loved you first and desires that you to fall in love with Him.  He wants you.  You never have to be afraid of His feelings for you—they are there. You’re never going out on a limb with Him;  you can trust Him.  He’ll never lead you on. He’ll never lie to you nor abuse you.  He’s not dysfunctional and if there are things in your life that need changing, He’ll ease you into those changes if you let Him.  He is not a bully and will never force you into anything.  When you love someone, you just naturally want to be pleasing to them, and when you fall in love with Jesus, you naturally want to do things to be pleasing to Him.  You can’t earn His love, He had it for you since the beginning of time;  but you have the power to accept His love or reject it. And you have felt the pain of rejection, haven’t you? Why would you want to do that to God?